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Real-Time co-operation
because sharing is always a plus

Device design and functions have multiplied scales, styles, structures, interfaces and languages, bringing human choice to a new level of complexity. Furthermore not only there are plenty of contemporary solutions among which to choose, but also old systems that still sprinkle in our daily lives.
To make all of them collaborate is one of the challenging needs of our times and Artificial Intelligence arrival has not made things easier.
With years of software and hardware expertise with or without AI on-board, we are highly proficient in making robots, computers, satellites, etc. dialog, to share information, exchange targets and modify missions in real-time.
In fact all of our AI devices share the same technology, so to collaborate as members of a same team, or limbs of a same living being.

Services provided
Within the AI domain we focus on...

  • COLLABORATIVE MISSION: the ability to shape system architecture to share information and purposes in real time, creating a robot and software team that actively participates to mission accomplishment.
  • PRE-EXISTING HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE INTEGRATION: any system we produce can talk and work together with any previous existing system. This way routines and previous knowledges are saved. 
  • ROBOT TEAM COMMUNICATION: robots are team members that successfully work together to achieve a goal, establishing a common understanding and communicating effectively.
  • AUTONOMOUS CHOICE: The capacity to understand the situation, decide and take initiative according to reasons and motivation that are operated as one’s own and not as a product of external forces.
  • TRANSVERSALITY: Developed solutions concern any possible scenario, from underwater, to land, to air, to space, involving devices that share systems and real time data.
  • IOT SENSORS: IoT (Internet of Things) is generating new fields of application for sensors. They detect and respond to solicitations generated in any environment.
  • EDGE COMPUTING: Edge computing is a distributed computing paradigm that brings computation and data storage closer to the network edge, optimizing response times and bandwidth use.
  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech and process recognition, decision-making and mission coordination.
  • MACHINE LEARNING: a form of Artificial Intelligence that, thanks to algorithms, learns from data and automatically improves through experience.
  • EMERGENCY SCENARIO: Any scenery involving natural disaster, dangerous environments, short and urgent timing, unexpected change of purpose or sudden interaction with foreign architecture.

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