Core R&D

During these years the R&D team developed several projects to create products and prototypes denoted by high technological content and equipped with Artificial Intelligence. Such robots have highly significant characteristics of complementarity and have been designed to be used both independently or in synergy, always aiming to vertically approach and solve various problems in different application fields. Our multidisciplinary approach can achieve results far beyond the most common expectations: one of our main goals is to make our capacities and knowledge available for the public and thus to contribute to the welfare of people and to building a better world.

The partnership with top-level Research Centers and Academic Institutes allows the Robotics Business Unit to elaborate tailored solutions for specific needs, offering technologies that are advanced and continuously updated in the reference sectors..


Research for product innovation and high-end value

H4R mindset, processes, and methodologies makes a huge difference not only in accelerating time to profitability of your new or revamped product or service, but in the long-term adoption of it in the market.

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