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proprietary and customized space access

It concerns a scalable, powerful and versatile platform for nano-satellites. The mission is to facilitate access to outer space even to organizations not currently operating in that sector, providing products and services that range from the designing and production of subsystems, to integration, planning and management of the entire mission cycle. All of the satellite subsystems (OBC On-Board Computer, ADCS Attitude Determination and Control System, EPS Electrical Power System, COM Communication), as well as the source code, are proprietary.

Application fields

Environmental monitoring
Critical infrastructure monitoring
Infrastructure and engineering
Energy and utilities

Security and defence
Territorial planning
Marine and coastal environment
Satellite images
Remote survey

2D and 3D data analysis
Server gis/sid
Meta-data management
Radar images processing
Optical images processing

One custom solution
Taking a customer-centric approach to make innovative features to our products.

  • PROPRIETARY MECHANICAL PLATFORM PLANNING: Ability to design and build platforms that can be integrated on any robot of ours, to make them cooperate and work autonomously in any environment.
  • PROPRIETARY SOFTWARE PLATFORM PLANNING: Ability to create custom software to manage robots and devices singularly and in swarming, making them cooperate in every environment (space, air, land, water).
  • PROPRIETARY HARDWARE PLATFORM PLANNING: Ability to design and integrate platforms that support requested software and or sensors on any robot of ours, to make them cooperate and work autonomously in any environment.
  • COMMUNICATION SYSTEM (ENCRYPTED):To ensure the highest levels of security, our communication subsystems are equipped with both hardware and software encryption
  • DEPLOYMENT SYSTEM:To ensure a precise and safe release.
  • SOLAR PANEL RECHARGE SYSTEM:To avoid time and energy waste and skip re-positioning process in extended missions.
  • ON BOARD A.I.:All our devices are equipped with Artificial Intelligence, to execute missions autonomously, make calculations and elaborations onboard 24/7 and change profile missions in real time.
  • GPS POSITIONING SYSTEM: to navigate using satellite images updated in real time.
  • MACHINE LEARNING: a form of Artificial Intelligence that, thanks to algorithms, learns from data and automatically improves through experience.
  • DESIGNED WITH COTS: Low cost and easy to get and handle, cots are a qualified solution to work wth.

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