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Many nanosatellite mission failures are caused by EPS disruption. In our project failure risk rate has been considerably reduced, because the EPS we designed is completely independent by the firmware and contemplates MPPS (Maximum Power Point Tracker) algorithms.
The product has been built up only with C.O.T.S. (Component On The Shelf), that guarantee a considerable reduction of the testing period and the possibility to use development tools already available on the market.
At H4R we are committed to robotic research too: our robots are designed to be employed in several mission types, such as S&R (Search and Rescue) or natural disaster related ones. This EPS guarantees reliability and long-lasting life in highly radioactive environments. It is well known that the first robots to approach Chernobyl failed functioning because of radiations. Chernobyl and Fukushima are only two outstanding examples, but any implant with peculiar features of this kind can benefit of our EPS endurance.

One custom solution
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  • MASS:160g(2 Cell battery Pack)Ability to create custom software to manage robots and devices singularly and in swarming, making them cooperate in every environment (space, air, land, water).
  • VOLUME: 90.17mm x 95.89mm x 23.1mm
  • ENERGY STORAGE: 7.000mAh/25.9Wh (2 Cell battery Pack)
  • OUTPUT VOLTAGE 1 channel 5V -2A Current -Always on -Latch-up free,1 channel 3.3V -2A Current -Always on -Latch-up Free,1 channel 5V -2A Current -switchable by firmware1, channel 3.3V -2A Current -switchableby firmware.
  • FUNCTIONAL MODE Emergency low Power Mode, Onboard housekeeping measurement,MPPT Fault tolerant modeo, Charger Fault tolerant mode,Battery Fault tolerant mode
  • CONFIGURATION OPTIONS: Radhard’s MCU for improved radiation tolerence,Battery Pack Extension,Fully Customizable.

Application fields

- Environmental monitoring
- Critical infrastructure monitoring
- Infomobility
- Infrastructure and engineering
- Energy and utilities

- Security and defence
- Territorial planning
- Marine and coastal environment
- Satellite images
- Remote survey

- 2D and 3D data analysis
- Server gis/sid
- Meta-data management
- Radar images processing
- Optical images processing

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