08 June 2020

H4Research wins the ESA Call thanks to AQUAX project


We are pleased to announce the winning of the ESA CALL called “Kick-Start Thematic Call Artificial Intelligence”. The proposal of the project called AQUAX has been accepted with a favorable opinion by the European Space Agency.
AQUAX is an integrated system of robots, satellites and artificial intelligence, intended for monitoring and identifying anomalous discharges within lakes, rivers and reservoirs.
After successfully carrying out the experimentation in Lake Paola, identifying the illegal discharges of the place, ESA also receives a positive opinion. An important result that places H4Research at the top as a technology for fighting environmental phenomena of this type.

6 June 2020

VEGA-C launches Italian ALPHA by the end of 2020


At the end of 2020, on the occasion of the first launch of VEGA-C, the most powerful version of the Italian rocket Avio, H4Research, in partnership with Arca Dynamix, NPC Spacemind, GP Advanced Projects and the National Research Council (Cnr) will launch nanosatellite ALPHA.
NEXT – Systems Engineering, will be responsible for the ground segment and Cybera company, for cyber security segment.
The launch will be an opportunity to demonstrate the Italian ability to create an entire value chain in a sector of primary importance, such as space, to allow a strategic positioning of Italy in the international geopolitical framework, as well as to maintain a predominant role in the field. Earth observation, telecommunications, cyber security and all related services. The project will allow, in the context of the “Country System”, to involve not only the world of research, thanks to the participation of the CNR, also start-ups and SMEs, and thus to enhance, in Italy, highly technological Italian research projects and development born from the ingenuity of young Italian entrepreneurs.


23 May 2020

COVID-19 delays inaugural VEGA-C launch


The news, although predictable, had not yet been made official. However, the official news comes from ESA of the postponement of the inaugural launch of the VEGA-C.
The new launch dates, hoping that the COVID-19 emergency will return in the meantime, are for the end of 2020.

6 November 2019                         

Cubesat collective project to be launched by VEGA-C


H4Research, together with other Italian start-ups operating in the space sector, will be involved in the construction of a nano satellite that will be launched in June 2019 on the occasion of the inaugural launch of the VEGA-C and placed in an orbit of 6,000 km.
On the occasion of this particular mission, far more distant from the typical orbits of nano satellites (200-800km), innovative proprietary subsystems will be tested which, if validated, will allow in the future to carry out satellite missions by means of cubesat, in MEO orbits, other than those Conventional LEO (low earth orbit).

6 November 2019                         

Search for illegal discharges in Paola’s lake


An agreement has been reached between the municipality of Sabaudia and H4Research which will allow the company to carry out an experiment during which to test some proprietary technologies of robotics and artificial intelligence, to identify sources of illegal discharges, which for years have contaminated the lake’s waters. within the Circeo Natural Park. In addition to the goal of safeguarding one of the most beautiful lakes in our area, this experimentation is an important opportunity for H4Research researchers to demonstrate the potential of their robotic technologies and the progress achieved thanks to modern Artificial Intelligence algorithms, which will be perfected to answer the specific problem.

20 August 2020

H4R detects anomalous discharges in Paola’s lake


he experimentation conducted by H4Research in the context of monitoring Lake of Paola proved to be a success. After several days of overflights and inspections by aerial and submarine robots and with the help of specifically developed artificial intelligence techniques, H4Research identifies the sources of illegal discharges within Lake of Paola.

1 March 2019

Inauguration of H4R Ground Station at Volandia Museum


9 months after the announcement of the agreement between Volandia and H4Research, the museum reopens its doors after a period of restructuring.
The new cubesat control room was inaugurated in the space pavilion, the first of its kind in Italy. From here, all the space missions in which H4Research will take part will be monitored. All of this will be accompanied by a rich educational program aimed at involving young people in experiments and simulations in the space sector.

16 February 2019

H4R staff becomes Air Force partner in the Aviolancio project


In pursuing the strategic objective of developing an autonomous national capacity to access Space and downstream of the numerous studies carried out in this area by the Defense, the Academic and Research and Industrial Sections, the CNR-ISAC has decided to involve the H4Research staff in the feasibility study of a cubesat launcher from an aerial platform. The contribution of H4Research will be in the context of the study of rocket ascent profiles and engine calculation, as well as Artificial Intelligence solutions to be integrated on board the project.

22 August 2018

First NN onboard H4R UUV successfully tested


Integration tests of a neural network within the PROTEO underwater robot, produced by H4Research, were successfully carried out. The tests showed the wide flexibility of such a configured robotic system. Further tests will follow for the development of AI-based autonomous driving systems.

4 June 2018

H4R builds the first Italian Cubesat control room


The agreement between VOLANDIA and H4Research has been made official. The control room for ground monitoring of cubesat, the first in Italy will be built inside the museum and will be supported by a rich educational program.

19 March 2018

H4R meets American delegation at I.N.S.E.A.N.


H4Research attended the meeting on March 19 at the National Institute for Studies and Experiences of Naval Architecture Naval Bath – I.N.S.E.A.N. to discuss the business opportunities offered by the marine technology market with the leading American companies in the sector.

19 January 2018

H4R + INGV satellite mission succeeds


H4Research launches the cubesat satellite on-board computer (OBC) into the stratosphere with a balloon during a scientific mission shared with INGV at the North Pole. During the flight the resistance of the subsystem (built with COTS components (component-off-the-shelf) and innovative redundancy logic) was tested against ionizing radiation. The test was a complete success.

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